We are transforming the educational system

We collaborate with educators, administrators, and leading organisations to transform the structure and content of education for a sustainable future.   

We build networks of educational leaders committed to sharing pedagogy, curriculum design, and teaching and learning best practice. 

We work through intergenerational collaboration to encourage the growth of community-based educational leadership worldwide.   


Our Mission

Inspired by the principles of sustainable living systems we are redesigning and transforming education and the educational system from its very roots.  We are transitioning from the dominant educational paradigm that is rooted in the fragmented, mechanistic models of the early industrial revolution to transformative education based on systems thinking, interdependence, adaptation and emergence.

Through innovative system design, curriculum design, pedagogy and experiential learning we empower communities, educators, and life-long learners strengthening interrelationships between individuals, schools, and communities. We offer practical professional guidance for transforming educational leadership, teaching and learning leading to intergenerational collaboration; and emergence of local, culturally appropriate, globally conscious, community-based sustainability.

Welcome to 21st century education; welcome to Changing Climates Consulting.  

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You never change things by fighting against the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete
— Buckminster Fuller